Meridianbet dona agli ospedali per la maternità per festeggiare l’8 marzo


On 8 March, in recognition and support of International Women’s Day, the Meridianbet Group, an important operator in the online and offline sports betting sector , made a series of donations through its staff to the maternity wards of hospitals around the world. , as well as having partnered with St James Hospital to deliver gift packages to women who are currently receiving care in their facilities throughout Malta.

The roots of International Women’s Day go back to the first women’s rights movements at the beginning of the 20th century, which developed particularly in Western countries and the USSR. These early efforts by feminist militants and trade union leaders – originally predominantly in the former Soviet Union – continued over the ensuing decades, eventually leading to the official adoption of the March 8 holiday by the United Nations in 1975.

In recent years, companies around the world have supported this day in many ways, including fundraising, promoting awareness and organizing events. In accordance with these efforts, the Meridianbet Group and its Malta office employees have this year placed particular emphasis on supporting expectant mothers and medical staff, with 2022 including donations to maternity hospitals around the world, as well as the donation of cosmetic packages to every woman currently being treated at St James hospitals across the country.

These latest Meridianbet initiatives continue the company’s track record of seeking to implement meaningful and effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, with past initiatives including a range of donations and other humanitarian activities designed to improve working conditions for the medical personnel in light of the recent covid19 pandemic.


Women represent 65% of Meridianbet’s top management

With women accounting for over 65% of Meridianbet’s executive staff, International Women’s Day is an event that is not only deeply felt by its staff, but is closely aligned with the company’s core values. “We are very happy to be part of our global Meridianbet campaign, where we have joined forces to make today a special day for women by continuing to promote equality together every day. As a Group, Meridianbet is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, nationality, age or gender, and these are the days to celebrate, “said Stefan Pavlovic, Head of Operations at Meridianbet.

The slogan of this year’s United Nations International Women’s Day, “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Future Tomorrow”, is, according to Meridianbet, the “foundation of our corporate policy, in which March 8 is representative of every day in our organization “.

Their partner in this endeavor, St James Hospital, has been providing world-class healthcare to patients across Malta for over 25 years. Known for its highly trained staff and use of state-of-the-art technology, St James Hospital has built and maintained an authoritative position in Malta’s healthcare landscape, serving both Maltese and international patients annually.

Meridianbet is a global provider of complete sports betting solutions for partners, from setting up betting sites to building brick-and-mortar stores. Founded in Europe in 2001, Meridian is currently operating in 18 countries across Europe, Africa and Latin America through 993 betting shops and online sites, also supplying many sites with fixed odds casino games . Meridian operates almost exclusively in regulated markets and the main countries in which it currently operates are Serbia, Cyprus, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tanzania and Malta.


Author: Mattie Morrison